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Don Nadeau, the president of, usually discusses how to bid on Priceline accommodations, but here he talks about location as yet another powerful way to save on hotel rooms.When youare planning to spend some time in or near a like Boston, Zurich, London, or San Francisco Bay Area, you can save by not staying in the same hotel every night.And, even when youare shelling out a couple of days, you can often save around 50 A 70% by choosing the right hotel location, as explained below.Letas say youare a couple planning a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area for a special day.

You would like to spend the week:

visiting vineyards,

hiking in Point Reyes National Seashore and Muir Woods,

Discovering Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey, andexperiencing the features of San Francisco.

It would be easy for you to book seven nights in a Bay Area hotel. After all, you'd be inside an easy dayas travel of anything you want to see.However, seven days in a San Francisco hotel would be expensiveAand much more whilst you probably want an especially good place for this journey. And, on top of that, you would need to pay about $30 A 45 per day for parking in a area.Instead, why not commit the first three days nearer to the Wine Country and the national seashore?You can book an extremely good resort-style hotel in or near Santa Rosa for a fraction of the price of an identical hotel in San Francisco.You would find yourself really close to numerous of the best Napa Valley wineries, the Calistoga hot springs spas, and even the extraordinary restaurant of the Culinary Institute of America. Moreover, youad be just a couple of minutes from beautiful Point Reyes National Seashore.

Then, after your last night in Santa Rosa, you could like a scenic drive along the Marin County shoreline toward San Francisco, with stops in wonderful Sausalito and the redwoods of Muir Woods National Monument before heading over the Golden Gate Bridge.

You might also find yourself eating at one of the many wonderful San Francisco Bay Area restaurants using income youad saved on accommodations, that night! Youad be staying in San Francisco two nights.After your yesterday evening in San Francisco, you wouldnat have to leave immediately. You can still spend all the time exploring the town.

Then, timing your drive before or after any rush hour traffic, you could take beautiful southbound Interstate 280, which works in a along a, offering you views of San Francisco Bay Area Bay. Near San Jose, youad switch to State Highway 85 and then U.S. 101, and carry on toward Carmel and Monterey.

In the Carmel and Monterey area, you'd have a choice:

You might either use a number of your hotel savings to stay in a fantastically romantic place, such as for instance the Tickle Pink Inn across the shore, or

continue to save your self by booking an excellent place inland.

For the latter, the ultimate resort money saver in the Carmel and Monterey area could be the nearby town of Salinas.The Grapes of Wrath no more worry John Steinbeckas Salinas. Itas become a nice working-class town with a center area that folks appreciate in the evening.Salinas sets you a mere 25 minutes from Carmel, but in a different budget range altogether.So, what've you done here? Youave had three nights in Santa Rosa, two in San Francisco, and two in the Monterey area.Not only have you saved a on hotelsAeven if you splurged in CarmelAyouave also saved a of time commuting from the San Francisco hotel. That is time youave had the opportunity to use visiting fun and memorable places, in place of traveling.

You've vacation savings at its best, when saving cash helps you have a better trip. transamerica expo site

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