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Curriculum Vitae provide a introduction to person’s skills, qualification and experience. This is a comprehensive statement of the person’s qualification, teaching experience or academic background. The attractive CV makes recruiters attracted or interested towards you. In the America, a CV is usually used when applying for academic, education, international, research or scientific positions. In the London, a CV should be concise and brief which contains only the review of a person’s, qualifications plus some personal information.

• CV templates are the stencil or duplicate pattern of your original resume. Non -experienced or non -professional writers are able to use the CV templates to write an excellent CV. Templates also helps in compiling or second time reading of the CV. • Best CV Examples CV examples are easily available on the internet. Therefore, a new employer or perhaps a fresher are able to use CV examples for writing his perfect CV. Examples is a sample, model or instance that offers the illustration to the employer for creating a good CV. The main thing will be kept in mind before writing a CV, that the language or vocabulary is good enough to attract the recruiter. In the CV, you ought to sell yourself by doing this that the recruiter gets good impression on you. Elements of CV • Identification • Academic qualification • Work experience • Award, honour and fellowships • Languages known • References Tips for writing a resume A highly effective resume can greatly increase the potential for recruitment or selection • Contact information : It provides your name, address, city, state, telephone number, email id • Reserve keywords: ‘wrote’, ‘analysed’, ‘planned’, ‘initiated’, ‘honoured’,’ awarded’, ‘promoted’ are the recruitment keywords that must be included in the resume. • Resume Format: before writing a resume, a free resume samples or free resume examples can be seen which will help the new employer written a good resume. • Use of Bulletins: The points or information developed in bulletins are easily readable by the selectors that provide the good impression.

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