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Welcome to New Media in Business Blog.

This site is moderated and maintained by Drew Parker ( and Mike Church ( This blog was created by, and primarily for, upper division students in the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. Each time the 'Web Enabled Business' course is offered, the group chooses the topics they believe are currently the most important drivers of new media in business, chooses teams based on project interest, researches and presents this topic, and then finalizes a report, some of which become a blog post on this site. Subsequent offerings of this course use this site as reading material and a starting point to explore and prepare a new series of research topics for the term.

Some reports cite the authors in the body. Others are simply listed as blog entries on the site. If you have any editorial comments, concerns, or inquiries, please direct them to me. Also, if you have material that you believe would be appropriate to be linked to this blog, please contact me directly. Thank you.

Drew Parker

Beedie School of Business

Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

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